What is Sahara Mustard?


You may have heard recently about this Sahara Mustard plant that everyone is talking about and you are probably wondering, "What is Sahara Mustard?"

Sahara Mustard is a foreign plant from North Africa that is killing other plants that are native to Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. It is spreading fast and will take over the desert and other plants, if not pulled. It is a type of plant that will overtake the plants around it and eventually, all that will be left is mustard. Most desert animals can't eat Sahara Mustard and if there are no other plants, the animals will be forced to leave or will end up starving.

Anza-Borrego Foundation is teaming up with Tubb Canyon Desert Conservancy to eliminate Sahara Mustard from the park and we are asking you to help!

How to Identify Sahara Mustard
Sahara Mustard is a bright green plant with large, dandelion-like leaves. Above the large, flat leaves grows nearly leafless thin stems that sprout branches with tiny pale yellow flowers on the their ends. Lower on the flower stalks, long, skinny seed pods develop that contain tiny, red poppy-like seeds.


How You Can Help
To pull mustard, grab the main stem or stems as close to the ground as possible, pull with pressure until the long, white root pops out of the ground and stuff it into a sturdy trash bag. Be sure to get all of the plant and seeds into the trash bag! Wear gloves! Sahara Mustard stems are covered in tiny, prickly hairs that can irritate skin.

Other ways you can help…



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