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Monsoon Turns Desert Green ~ A lovely anomaly for an early, cooling autumn in the desert.

BORREGO SPRINGS, CA (September 23, 2013): Usually, the pull of the desert in September is the vision of dazzling stars popping out of the dark skies while you lay on your back in a warm pool. But this September there's an unusual bonus-green days! That's right. Monsoon rains deluged the desert at the end of August and two weeks later the desert floor is a carpet of green and gold with wild ocotillo branches bursting with leaves. The last time monsoons gave this kind of green gift was in 1997.

Sphinx Moths

Hornworms in Culp Valley

If you’ve been up to Culp Valley or any nearby areas in ABDSP lately, you may have seen some bright caterpillars on plants or even inching their way across the road. These expressive green guys are known as hornworms. They acquired the name hornworm because of the stiff pointy dorsal near the end of their last body segment. Another common name for them are Tomato Hornworms, because they can quickly eat their way through tomato plants.

Welcome our new Executive Director!

Many of you know Paige Rogowski or have heard from her through her work as Development Director of ABF for the past several years. Now get ready to meet Paige as ABF’s new Executive Director.

The ABF board announced Paige’s appointment on May 25. She succeeds C.L. “Chuck” Bennett, who served as interim executive director after his 19 years of service on the ABF board.

President's Letter

As the dog days of summer are closing in, things in Borrego Springs are slowing down. It’s a time for reflecting on the past and a time for planning for the future. There were a lot of successful events in the last few months, and the future looks bright for Anza-Borrego Desert State Park and Anza-Borrego Foundation.

Counting Sheep

by Callie Mack and Phil Roullard

What comes to your mind when you hear the phrase “Anza-Borrego Sheep Count”? A dry, seared landscape, in which even the big black ants hide from the merciless midday sun? Sweat dripping down your back and into your eyes? The shrill buzz of the cicadas, growing louder as the sun climbs into the sky? Sitting quietly for hours, drowsy from the heat?

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