Land Acquisition Series: Sentenac Cienega

Sunday, February 15, 2015 - 10:00am to 3:00pm

Due to unforeseen circumstances, this program has been put on hold. Check back in the fall for a possible reschedule.

Leader: David Van Cleve, ABF Trustee
$35 / $25 for ABF members

Twenty years ago, ABF drastically changed its game plan. Instead of focusing only on small inholdings within the Park, ABF included the additional goals of connectivity, wildlife corridors, and outholdings to its land acquisition portfolio. The first transformative project was Sentenac Canyon, a privately held parcel in the San Felipe Valley. With the leadership of Diana Lindsay, Ralph Singer, and Linda Tandle, ABF was able to attract funds to acquire the beautiful Sentenac Canyon.

This tour involves a moderate hike to historic sites such as the Butterfield Stage site and the Sentenac brothers' "cabin", discuss the results of landscape restoration at Scissors Crossing, and explore the gallery riparian forest of San Felipe Creek.