Protecting Clark Dry Lake For You and Your Descendants

Wild Flowers, Success, Land Conservation

Last spring the Anza-Borrego Foundation celebrated the acquisition of 50,000 acres of important lands within and adjacent to the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. This is a tremendous achievement for a local land conservation organization. We owe our success to the extraordinary partnership between our volunteers, our staff, the park’s land managers, the support of our generous members, and the philanthropy of inspired donors.

One area where this partnership has achieved significant protection park land is the east/west corridor along Henderson Canyon Road at the foot of Coyote Mountain, and extending east along S22 to the Park boundary. ABF has purchased thousands of acres in this area over the years, including nearly 1,000 acres in the last year alone. Because of our success in protecting these lands, park lovers driving along Henderson Canyon Road can stop and stroll through the amazing wildflowers at the foot of Coyote Mountain or enjoy an unimpeded view up its slopes in search of bighorn sheep.

Because of our accomplishment, park lovers driving on S22, camping at Pegleg, or taking in the sights from Font’s Point can enjoy an unobstructed view of the Clark Dry Lake valley, the braided alluvial fans, and the Santa Rosa Mountains. Of major concern is the impact of vehicles on Clark Dry Lake’s delicate playa soil structure and the tiny fairy shrimp that lay dormant within, awaiting the next good rain. Uncontrolled access to the area could also affect the fragile populations of the Le Conte’s Thrasher and the Flat-Tailed Horned Lizard. By acquiring private parcels of land in the Clark Dry Lake area, ABF has helped to reduce some of these harmful impacts by moving traffic onto park-owned land patrolled by rangers can control the impacts. But our mission is hardly over.

With your ongoing support, ABF continues to protect these lands, eliminating the risk of impacts. Land acquisition is just one way that we strive to achieve our mission to protect and preserve the natural landscapes, wildlife habitats, and cultural heritage of Anza-Borrego Desert State Park.