Sahara Mustard Task Force

If you visited the Park this year, you probably noticed the devastating effect non-native Sahara Mustard has had throughout the Borrego Valley. This invasive weed is crowding out our native wildflowers by depriving them of the sun and water they need to survive.

In response to this concern, a Sahara Mustard Task Force has been formed that includes representatives from throughout the community. The Task Force is working on an education and eradication plan that will be implemented community-wide and involve as many trained volunteers as possible. When winter and spring rains hit, we’ll be calling on volunteers – like you! – to help attack the wave of fast-growing mustard that is sure to follow.

To receive information about the project you can join our email list to get the most up-to-date information. There will also be community-wide information about Sahara Mustard-pulling events on the Borrego Springs Chamber website.

If you are part of an organization that would like to assist with the Sahara Mustard eradication efforts, contact Briana Puzzo to find out how your group can get involved and help spread the word.

All volunteers will be required to attend a training session where they’ll learn how to distinguish Sahara Mustard from other similar-looking plants, the best methods for pulling, and how to dispose of the plants properly. Dates of volunteer work days and trainings will be dependent on weather conditions. We will send out emails and post information on our website as they are scheduled.

We hope that you’ll consider joining us in this crucial effort to save the amazing wildflowers in ABDSP and the Borrego Valley. ABF is excited to be a part of this community-wide collaboration. The eradication of Sahara Mustard will be a multi-year project and is not something that any group can handle alone.

Mustard surrounds a creosote bush at the mouth of Oriflamme Canyon.

Park Volunteer Thad McManus helps in the effort to minimize Sahara Mustard in Borrego Palm Canyon.

Photos by Larry Hendrickson