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January 10, 1:00-5:00 pm & January 11, 9:00-noon

*Includes a Meet & Greet on January 9 to visit with the Paleontologists*

Much has been written about Paleontology as the intersection – between Geology and Biology, Environments and Mass Extinctions. Dramatic transformations, transitions in environment, and evolutionary and ecological model shifts are all part of the story of life told through fossils.

Join us for two half-days of talks featuring Paleontologists:

  • Jack Horner, Presidential Fellow, Chapman University, Orange, CA
    • Friday, January 10: The Real Jurassic Park
    • Saturday, January 11: Building a Dinosaur
  • Tom Demèrè, Curator, San Diego Natural History Museum
    • Friday, January 10: Whales and Baleen: How the largest animals on Earth evolved to feed on some of the smallest
  • Greg McDonald, Regional Paleontologist, Bureau of Land Management
    • Saturday, January 11: Smilodon: The Iconic Sabre-tooth
  • Dr. Jessie Atterholt, Western University of Health Sciences, Pomona, CA
    • Saturday, January 11: The Mysterious World of Vertebral Canals in Birds and Other Archosaurs
  • William Stout, Muralist and paleoartist, San Diego Natural History Museum
    • Friday, January 10: Dinosaurs, Penguins & Whales: The Wildlife of Antarctica

Cost: $25 for both days


Location: Borrego Springs Performing Arts Center, 590 Palm Canyon Drive, Borrego Springs

Photo ©Diana Lindsay