All oil paintings depicted here are by artist Vanessa Rusczyk. Visit her studio website here.

The Judges have picked the Winners of our Desert Haiku Contest!

We had an amazing response to our Desert Haiku contest. Thank you to all who participated! We received nearly 200 haikus from over 80 individuals, including Spanish and children’s submissions. We loved reading all of them. The judges had the challenging task to select the best haikus.

Congratulations to All the Winners! Well Done!

View all the winning haikus in the various categories below. And check out the great prizes winners will receive. Prizes will be mailed next week!



  Desert Memory   Ocotillo
      Fading Pictographs
Smooth morteros worn by stone
The stars remember.
                         Lipstick-tipped goddess
Fawning for the wind’s warm kiss
Love in the desert

Artemisa Perucho-Green, San Diego, CA

2nd Place



Jennifer Duclett, Arcadia, CA

3rd Place




      Desert Lily    
          Erasing distance,
coyotes howleluia
at the rising moon.     
                             Beneath white blossoms 
Wind-whipped ribbon leaves etch 
Rings of sandy verse.
                           Loud as rifle shot
Breaking the canyon’s stillness
Two rams’ rivalry.
  Pam Blake, Freeport, ME   Jim Hendon, Redlands, CA   Callie Mack, San Diego, CA





Florecimiento Ancestral


Desierto que guardas secretos
Impartes sabiduría que sana
En eterna gratitud está mi alma


La lejanía
El silencio hermoso
Escucho el sol


Edith Machuca, Lakewood, CA

2nd Place


Rosella Lucherino, Los Angeles, CA

3rd Place






Scorpions crawl fast
Snakes slither in the desert
Coyotes run quick


La lejanía
El silencio hermoso
Escucho el sol


Kellen, Borrego Springs, CA

2nd Place (ages 7-8)





Prizes for the Winners:

Winners will be receving the following great prizes from our ABF State Park Store (Mall store hours 10 am-4 pm Friday through Monday). Prizes will be mailed next week! Congratulations!


In adult category: hat (3rd prize), ocotillo water bottle  (1st prize) and ABDSP water bottle (2nd prize)
Shown here items included with 1st prize in children category, age group 7-8